Art Nouveau style

Another memorable collabration in NYC

featuring Olga Kukharenko with

Hair and makeup by Laurie Hefner

We aimed for the Art Nouveau Style

R E D E F I N G  Beauty Portriats…

“to me, a portrait is that very doorway to this Inner Being/Entity that people call the Soul and maybe Spirit…” 

I had always loved Beauty… and my passion for portraiture had always been about revealing the soul beneath the eyes and facial expressions that housed millions of moments experienced and interfaced with others and life… 

My work as like many have been evolving and I have now integrated or incorporated more retouching into my portrait work… there are many reasons… 

Yes, there has been a rising opinion about beauty standards set by commercial/advertising/fashion worlds that many have expressed how they do not represent the authentic person (women) in most cases… and that photoshop shouldn’t be used to ‘re-present’ what is not ‘real’ … I agree… yet I also disagree in the sense that photoshop should be used… and here is my view to why I think this way…

What is ‘real’?   Firstly, many people think what you see is what is real… well, to an extent yes…

However, in say the case of people, person hood, I myself consider the very dimension and existence of a human spirit or soul that is more of a spiritual consciousness that animates each person, their essence, preferences, desires, likes/dislikes, hopes/fears, virtues and uniqueness… this very nature is not material (just the physical) but very much… energetic and difficult to quantify because its nature is organic, sometimes symbolic or for some conceptual.  So… when someone describes a person, that person is being described by their qualities, nature, not just how they look physically….

“to me, a portrait is that very doorway to this Inner Being/Entity that people call the Soul and maybe Spirit…” 

The qualities of Elegance, Dignity, Wonder, Wisdom,  Goodness, Purity, Love, Allure, Sensuality, Sexuality, Mystique, Gentlness, Tenacity, Vulnerablity, Authenticity, Virtue, Courage etc are to me the nature or qualities of the Soul and Spirit.

Many people have a limited understanding of what a photograph is… although to me the photograph is many things that can be paradoxical in nature, one of its basic function is to ‘record visually’ the subjects that are being photographed.  Yet, for those who have deeper understanding of photography, its nature first can be described as ‘taking a photograph’ and also ‘making a photograph’… the first is much more passive and the second much more active principle.  However, both of those process involve an internal decision making process for example…  scenario - a rare abino deer is now crossing the streets in downtown Manhattan, photographer with camera is identifying such a rare and perhaps surreal opportunity that is happening right in front of him and he snaps a snapshot in attempt to record the rare subject in his usual environment as a documented image… in here, the documented image has at least two elements of one the rare subject, and two, the environment that has to be the reference point to show why element one the abino deer is rare, because if the environment is not considered, (say just using a long telephoto lens with DOF blurring all backgrounds), one may think this is happening in the forest and not in downtown manhattan. So, the decision to include the environment as a contrasting reference to the main subject is a decision still based on the idea of wanting to record such a rare moment, which in a way, is still an expression. 

Second process of when making a photograph, one meticulously places a photographic subject (say a wedding couple) in the middle of a busy downtown manhattan street…  

(to be continued)

MUSE ENERGY ART quick 1-Minute test for You!

Let’s PLAY!

Since I have created my art with a specific psycho-emotional energetic ergonomics formula to work with each individual’s subconscious and their energies to inspire creativity, align, harmonize, energize, bring realizations and insights, I invite you to participate in this little experiment with a piece of my unique energy muse art and see what kind of experience you have with it! 

(Some people have reported to have very deep and profound spiritual insights and energetic experiences with the artpieces in person, I believe the web version can provide a ‘teaser’ type experience that you can play with) 

Here is the guide for the viewing experience: 

1. What is your first impression?

2. What do the colours, the combination of and the relationship between the different colours do for you and make you feel or changes how you feel? And how about the subject or the symbols in this artwork? What do they mean to you? 

3. If you allow yourself to look at this piece for another 15 seconds, what is something different or new about the artpiece or yourself did you discover?

4. What kind of special or discovered ‘insight’ did this artpiece bring out for you that is about yourself, your soul or a particular life situation you are in now? Does this bring some sort of healing? 

5. How do you feel now after you have experience this? 

Please write your experience below in the comment field, would appreciate if you can comment by the numbers 1. My first impression was…. 2. The colours made me feel…. etc etc 


(note, if the art image appears too large on your screen, just simply CLICK ON THE IMAGE and it should appear for your screen in an appropriate size!)


It is on a rare occasion that I feel like a day is blessed by like a street photography angel that hovers around me and show me the magic that I truly believe is what makes street photography such an experience and gift. So many incredible moments today.