Ken Chi is an Artist, Photographer, Dancer and Transpersonal Therapist. 

He has returned to Hong Kong and is currently based there after 19 years of living overseas from Australia to Colombia to the U.S. with many travel experiences, his work focuses in the Energetic Dimension of Soul and how the Revelation of Art, Colours, Psychology and Beauty enhances the Soul, and when the two are combined they become a form of alchemy that he explores through his unique art form and photography.  


Ken Chi is the founder of KEN CHI ART LOFT where he features his very unique form of "Self-Illuminating-Art: Meditative Creative Psychology Muses" , he created this new unique artform whilst he was in New York, using his combined 13 years of multi-disciplinary work and experiences in Photography, Colour Healing & Symbolism Psychology (Transpersonal Psychology) that works with the subconscious intuitive intelligence, embedding that with Fine Art Photography and Art soul as a new artform specifically attuned with energy healing frequencies so that the artwork itself becomes the Spiritual and Creative Muse for the viewers and spaces. 

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Photographer - Portrait & Fine Art

Ken is also a passionate portrait and fine art photographer as you can see his work here and in

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I am a self-taught artist with a graduate background in Design (Industrial Design), but I became a Transpersonal Counselling therapist with special interest/focus in Soul Psychology, Colour Healing, Symbolism Psychology and subtle energy healing works such as flower essence and an Integral Spirituality that is non-religion based. 

For many years after my initial career years in the design field after graduating I moved into more the area of transpersonal psychology and healing, because I found myself drawn to a lot of unanswered questions as well as a series of personal mystical experiences that happened that in some ways forced me to explore the hidden and internal worlds within each person, through years (about 9 years) of working with people in an integral or transpersonal therapeutic setting contexted in the healing journey of the Soul, I 'touched' into a lot of these questions with experiential answers, some came immediately and some over time. Having a 13-year long passionate love affair in fine art photography, plus my own life journey, therapeutic work and art had been about the Soul and discovering the experiential nature of the Soul and our relationships with the Soul. So a lot of the discoveries were somehow translated into this new body of my new art form “Self-Illuminating-Art” that I had created when I was in New York as I wanted to integrate my passions in both the visual art and the soul healing work just towards the end of my big 19 year circle returning to Hong Kong. This new artform is an accumulated 13 years of my professional and personal passion, experiences, spirituality and life’s exploration and dialogues.  I founded Ken Chi Art Loft shortly after I returned to Hong Kong specialising in my very unique new art form that in short, combines Transpersonal Psychology, Fine Art Photography and Art. 

In terms of my signature artwork the “Self-Illuminating-Art-Muse: Meditative Creative Psychology Art Solutions”, each artwork has three main features: One, the colours or colour relationships specifically created in the context of working with or harmonising emotions based on an integral psychology and vibrational healing that I have built up over the years of what each or combination of colours would or could do for the emotions and a deeper layer, the soul. Secondly, the chosen symbolism of the subject that interacts in the dimension of intention, and finally the third, a unique aesthetics created based on a psycho-emotional-spiritual ergonomics that allows for each person along with the colours and symbolism, engaging the viewer's own subconscious creative intuitive intelligence to ‘use’ the art work for ‘self-organisation/mirroring/reflection’ or ‘harmonisation’, wherein within this process intentionally activating an individuated creativity of the viewer at the level of the subconscious mind by providing some sort of guided yet open template in the form of a creative and spiritual Muse.  

Within this process lies what I believe the ignition of creativity itself, like in music that when the chords and a beat or rhythm are provided with a certain ‘space’ for improvisation, then highlighting that space in a symbolic and visual way (also using the colours) will allow for the viewer’s participation to fill in the blanks. Hence, I create the artwork with the intention for the art to carry the archetype of the Muse for the viewer in a both creative and spiritual way. One can also say the colours and symbols and form within the art are the vocabulary with a hidden question for the viewer asking them to ‘keep creating’ with the artwork as there is only half a sentence.  I believe this aspect comes from my design training, that there is a consideration of 'how' the manifested creation is ‘interfaced’ with another person, so it is relational and has a life on its own that is created with the factor of time and a kind of psycho-emotional ergonomics being considered.  

I also believe that my work is an accumulated body of 'answers' in the form of a certain visual vocubulary that came from my years of seeing or hearing the questions asked in those moments of healing in the therapeutic context, where the soul is asking the personality certain questions so they can overcome a certain crisis or step into some sort of inner transformation that their inner landscape triggered by some external or internal event(crisis/emergence) like depression, loss, relationship issues or spiritual growth/crisis/emergence demanded by their soul that happens naturally overtime. 


If you are interested in learning more the energetic psychology aspects of this to see HOW it works for you, you can visit this page HERE . 

Aside from my signature art-form that I mentioned above, I am also a passionate portrait photographer and tango dancer. 


Hong Kong